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The Sandman Vol 2, The Dolls House by Neil Gaiman

Posted on: November 6, 2010

Graphic Novel November continues with more of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman! I should really do two volumes per post, but each one has so much that I want to talk about!

Somewhere in Volume II, The Dolls House, you start to realize the titles of the volumes aren’t random. The first volume was most certainly an introduction, a prelude, and the second volume, well, it’s not about Dolls, possibly more like marionettes.

Some readers never get past the first volume because of the rough style of the artwork and the seemingly unconnected chapters. The artwork in volume II is much tighter, and nearly everything does come together at the end, which is nice.

Remember Nada from hell? You’ll find out how she got there. Maybe Morpheus has learned something in the ten thousand years since, and maybe he hasn’t. Even the Endless are proud, fickle creatures. But Dream is no where near as proud and fickle as Desire, another sibling. Desire is a mess unto him/herself, and perhaps the most dangerous of all the Endless, for is there anyone who can look into the eyes of the one they desire, and walk away?

The main plotline of  The Dolls House follows Rose Walker, and her mother Maranda. They go to London to learn they are the daughter and granddaughter of Unity Kinkaid, one of the victims of SleepySickness. Unity is very wealthy, and suddenly Rose and Miranda are as well. Rose returns to the States to use her new found wealth to search for her younger brother whose been missing for years.  She rents a room in a large house, and it’s populated by plenty of other strange folk who aren’t exactly who or what they claim to be.

Morpheus still toils to repair the damage done to the Dreamworld during his imprisonment. A few nightmares are missing, and they must be found before they can infect humanity. A convention of killers is meeting in rural America, to share their secrets and twisted habits. Among them is The Corinthian, one of Morpheus’s worst nightmare creations. To complicate matters more, a Vortex has appeared in the Dreaming, and the vortex is human.

If Morpheus doesn’t destroy the vortex, all of the Dreaming could be irreparably damaged. The Corinthian on the loose, and a vortex that begs for mercy, what is a Dreamlord to do? And it all just reeks of premeditation.

Now let’s see, where’s volume III? I know it’s around here someplace. . . .


1 Response to "The Sandman Vol 2, The Dolls House by Neil Gaiman"

Interesting reading so far — looking forward to what you write about Volume 3. 🙂


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