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it’s better than Pringles. It’s better than Chocolate.

Posted on: October 26, 2010

What is better than Pringles and better than chocolate? Especially when someone (such as myself) is having a major sweet ‘n salty craving?

hmmm. . . we got the chocolate. . .and we got the pringles. . .

what is better than pringles, and better than chocolate?

chocolate covered pringles, that’s fucking what!!

chocolate chips in the microwave for 20 seconds at a time, two or three times. stir till totally melted and shiny. with a little whisk or a spoon, carefully coat the pringles. Put the chocolate coated pringles on a wax paper lined plate and refridgerate till hardened.

I still had some chocolate leftover, so I made another plate of ’em.

And you know what? They were fucking awesome. Candy thermometer Schmandy Schmermometer.

I think next time I might make pringle – chocolate –  pringle sandwiches.


6 Responses to "it’s better than Pringles. It’s better than Chocolate."

Those look amazing. How in the world did you ever come up with that idea?? I definitely want to make some and try them for myself!


i’ve done dried fruit dipped in melted chocolate before, and this time i wanted something sweet and salty and horrifically bad for me. there isn’t much awesome you can’t do with melted chocolate chips. the cheap ones work the best.

I ate the second plate for breakfast this morning with a cup of coffee. Breakfast of Champions, I’m tellin’ ya. And after sitting in the fridge overnight they were even better.


Okay, you’re a genius. Those look soooooo good.


At least you used the reduced fat Pringles.


[…] 5. Have you made chocolate covered pringles yet? […]


Oh my goodness. That looks so good…


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