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eh tweet, brutus?

Posted on: October 12, 2010





Thanks to a recent Friday Blog Hop question I know a lot of you are doing a lot on twitter,  and I’m contemplating taking the plunge. 

Time for some crowdsourcing.

Calling all tweeters. . . .

what are your thoughts on twitter? 

how often do you tweet? once per blog post, whenever you feel like it, other?

how much time do you put into twitter above and beyond the time you spend blogging?

what do you get out of twitter that you haven’t gotten out of regular blogging?

Do you see twitter as a fad, or something long term?

is twitter worth it?

How has tweeting changed how you communicate with other bloggers, and/or find new blogs?

17 Responses to "eh tweet, brutus?"

Well, I only tweet when there is a new post on my blog. But, I noticed that many bloggers got friendly through twitter more than through blogs. The communication is much faster and shorter.
I don’t spend much time using it but I think I should invest a bit more time into tweeting and expanding a bit my followers. It seems like through twitter information gets spread wider than you thought possible.


Twitter is like my news and views update source!I find out a lot about what’s going on with books, book releases, publishing news, and literary news. I try to tweet at least twice a day, one with a blog post (that my wordpress does automatically for me). I also help cultivate my blogging relationships on there as well. A lot of people, writers, and companies are totally on the Twitter bandwagon and I think it’s going to be around for awhile!

If you want to find me on twitter, my tag is @mcgriffmusings

Hope to see you on there!


I think twitter is here to stay. I use it to tweet new reviews and giveaways and I scan through the tweets for news from publishers, authors, other bloggers, etc that I follow. I check in every few days. @undermyappletre

I also use it for my garden/nature/bird blog under a different twitter name. @ladymin It’s great for exchanging links and photos, getting opinions on bird identification and plants and I’ve made a lot of contacts that way. You can chat back and forth about a topic in almost real time.

It can get time consuming though so to be organized I use TweetDeck instead of the twitter interface on the web. Tweetdeck lets you organize who you follow by groups so you can scan for what you want to see. It’s just easier than the twitter web page. Plus, if you have more than one twitter account you can log into all of them at once.


Personally, I love Twitter much more than Facebook. Much more signal-to-noise. And even though some people have a million+ followers, it still feels like one-to-one communication.

Kalamazoo also has a thriving Twitter community. There have been several “tweetups” (real life meetings among local users), and it’s a fun group. All different ages and walks of like represented. To get a taste of the activity:

In terms of how one tweets, that’s completely up to the user. I tweet maybe 2-3 times per day. Others tweet once a week. Some tweet 20+ times a day. Some are funny. Some are boring. Some are gimmicks (@DRUNKHULK). Some pass along links.

I think Twitter has a much value life than Facebook. Their influence has already crested, in my opinion – I know many people who have “Facebook Fatigue.” And to put it another way: every single design change Facebook has undergone in the last two years has been to make the page more “Twitter-like.”

Just my $0.02.



I also got more into twitter from that blog hop question 🙂 If you decide to get twitter, I definitely recommend Tweet Deck. You can download it to your computer and categorize all the people you follow. I open it up everytime I go on my laptop and it has totally dissolved all my feelings of “omg I don’t understand twitter!”. It’s a blessing, and I’ve already started talking to a lot more people on it. It’s actually a great way to get to know other people once you embrace it and understand how to use it!

I’ve started tweeting each time I post a new blog entry, and I also will post random things about books I’m reading. Since my regular friends and people I know through music message boards are also on my twitter, I also post other random stuff about what I’m up to.

My favorite thing about twitter besides communicating with people is definitely the celebs who tweet 🙂 Even if they are paying someone else to tweet for them, it’s still a lot of fun to see where my favorite bands are and to know when they go into the studio, etc.


Thanks for bring up this topic. I’m still new to both blogging and twitter. It seems there are a million different ways to use Twitter. I love using it to keep tabs on an event going on that I can’t attend. Active Twitter users will almost always send out instant tweets about what is going on. I also use it to share and find news about thing of interest. I try really hard not to let my Twitter feed be only a way to spread the word about blog posts. That seems too much like making it all about me. I think the rules of polite face to face interaction hold true online. If you want people to listen you have to say somethign worth listening too and you have to be willing to listen in return.


I really love twitter. For me, it’s just a place to have bookish chats with people. The bog is great – but on twitter I can have actual chats instead of just leaving comments. I love it!


I love Twitter! I think it’s a great resource for anyone who wants to connect with other bloggers and bibliophiles. I’ve discovered many great blogs and deepened several friendships.

To my mind, Twitter has the most value as a means of communication. @Replies are very important; they allow you to converse with people on just about any topic under the sun. If you only tweet links or the occasional observation, I’m not sure how much you’ll get out of it. I usually tweet my new blog posts right after they go live, but I spend much more time talking with other people and shooting the breeze about my various projects.

If you do decide to take the plunge, I recommend downloading a decktop client like TweetDeck. I keep TweetDeck open all day, so I can check in on Twitter while I’m working on other things.


thanks for all the feedback! this blog has kind of a formal set up, back and forth conversations would be a nice addition.


I think that Twitter is a good way to drive some traffic to your blog, and to promote and pursue your interests. Twitter isn’t really a means for “conversation” but one can exchange ideas and info briefly and quickly. The best way to start is to create your account, tell your friends and put it on your blog, and mostly, start following people and organizations you’re interested in. Lurking is a time-honored approach to learning new media.

And I second Tweetdeck, very nice application. If you follow more than twenty people you will want to be able to sort the feeds, which can be based on your Twitter lists. It’s also a convenient way to monitor particular term searches… such as whenever someone mentions you.


I think I know what I’m doing this weekend. . . . .


i couldn’t wait till the weekend, i just started setting up my twitter. I hope it’s as fun as it looks!


you need to add a “follow me” twitter widget on your blog!

That, or tell us your twitter handle.


yay for wordpress widgets! if the widget isn’t there on the sidebar, or it doesn’t work right, please let me know.

i feel so hip!


Wow. Thank you for starting this discussion. I really don’t use facebook to promote my blog. I only have close family and friends, just to look at pictures and stuff. I don’t twitter yet. I really don’t get it yet, but I’m a techie person, and I can do this. So these posts have helped me think that maybe I should jump on the bandwagon. I want to feel hip too!!


i don’t use facebook much. WordPress can be set up to post a line or two as a FB status update, and I’m sure blogger has something like that as well. you can also sign up for Networked Blogs, but FB hasn’t really developed that much.

and right now, I can count how long I’ve been on twitter in hours. and we’re still in single digits.

once upon a time I would have described myself as a techie, these days, i just do the basics and hope it works! thank goodness for preset widgets and wysiwyg!


I live on Twitter. I post a lot about my blog, what books i’m reading, but I also tweet about my hockey team, my ranting, and the stupidities of life. I’ve met some real nice bloggers, publishers, and lots of people interested in the same things I am. 🙂


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