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Book Blog Hop Friday

Posted on: August 27, 2010

If you are visiting from the Hop hosted by Crazy for Books, welcome!  I try to post something every day, be it a review, or an aside, or a fanletter to an author I’m attempting to internet stalk.  I do mostly scifi and fantasy stuff, heading towards the fantastical. If it’s weird, I’ll probably like it. I like Japanese Manga too.

This week’s blog hop question was “Do you use a rating system, and if so, what it is and why?”

Why yes! I do use a rating system!  It’s based on how likely I am to recommend the book to a friend:

-Books that blew my mind, I will keep talking about them until the cows come home (5 stars)
-These babies didn’t blow my mind, but they are totally worth reading, and absolutely worth buying (4 stars)
-Above average, but check the library before making a purchase (3 stars)
-Nothing to Brag about (2 stars)
-Yucky, rubbed me the wrong way, or both (1 star)

you can see some of the books I’ve rated on my review index


9 Responses to "Book Blog Hop Friday"

Hopping by to visit! I love your post on manga I used to have a 100-volume collection before I gave it to my library, and I really want to get back into reading manga, and maybe reviewing it along with the YA I read. Thanks for drawing the distinction between a “form” and a genre!


Hi! This is my first hop 🙂 I enjoyed reading your Manga post, and also the Gene Wolfe review – he really should be more famous!

Stop by my newly renamed blog @ e-Volving Books


Found you through the Hop, and read through some of your other posts. I like your rating system! 🙂


Aw, thank you so much for the comment about my Grammar Bits! :] I never thought of them like that – as fortune cookies. I’m glad you enjoy them!

I hope you’re having a great weekend!


Thanks for stopping by our blog! It sounds like we have lots in common. I am a reader and a food blogger, too! My husband is the fantasy reader in the household, so you will have to hang with him on the book talk.

Great to meet you!


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ll be back. You have interesting book choices!


thanks for stopping by everyone!

Tiger & Dee – I just posted “Manga 102”, would love your feedback, let me know what I missed@

Leah, Tell your other half to stop by. I read more epic fantasy than high fantasy, but it’s all good!


Thanks for stopping by my blog via the HOP! Glad that you enjoyed my “Forever 27 Club” blog post. I understand, many of the musicians I love have died young too. I like your blog! I am going to play around and read some more of your posts.

Happy Reading


Saw you visited, so I popped over here to check your blog out. Great site!

Re: the Twitter question… I’ve found, actually, that Twitter has gotten me a lot more followers that I would have had otherwise. Also, it’s a great way to let everyone know in realtime that you’ve posted another review, and you can help others spread the word about giveaways and contests and upcoming events. 🙂


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