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Dear Cory Doctorow

Posted on: August 20, 2010

Dear Cory Doctorow,

I’ve learned the hard way, again, that I have to read your books at home.

I downloaded Little Brother from your website when it came out, and made the mistake of reading it piece by piece at work. And cried at the end. at my desk. it was a little embarrassing.

Read the second half of Makers at a coffeehouse someplace. and cried at the end. not as embarrassing, but still.

30 minutes ago I finished For the Win, and this time I was smart, and made sure to read the ending at home. Because I’m still kinda teared up.

After I finished reading Makers, I sent you a caffiene laden e-mail accusing you of inspiring me to take apart everything in my apartment and having my Mom ship me the crate of legos that’s probably still in her attic. I also accused you of being a new Ayn Rand. Luckily you weren’t too offended by my comparison.

Having finished For the Win, I’m tempted to contact every single school district in America, and tell them that For The Win should be required reading for every single 9th grader. Because had I read this when I was that age, I would have had a much better grasp on the world I was about to enter.

If there is a revolution, it will be all your fault, you know that right? Yeah, I thought so. Bet it was your plan all along. 😉

Best Regards,

p.s., anyone reading this who isn’t named Cory Doctorow – I suggest reading his stuff, RIGHT NOW. You can download For The Win from Cory’s website here, and you can order his other books here. I suggest them all.

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[…] For the Win, by Cory Doctorow – American kids enjoy online games for fun. Asian and Indian kids play online games for money, more than just what gold farming can give them. When the undertrod, underpaid, undervalued child workers are taught the word union, only good can come of it. right? […]


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