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Wee Free Men Read Along part 2!

Posted on: February 27, 2013

WeeFreeMenTheBeginningHi Everyone!

Welcome to the second part of our Wee Free Men Read Along!

If you’re enjoying Wee Free Men (and really, how can you not be enjoying this book?), you should join us for a read along for the next book in the Tiffany Aching series, A Hat Full of Sky! I can’t believe we’re nearly done with Wee Free Men, so here’s the schedule for A Hat Full of Sky:

Part 1: Hosted by Little Red Reviewer Chapters 1-3, 109 pages, 3/13/13
Part 2: Hosted by Dab of Darkness Chapters 4-6, 88 pages, 3/20/13
Part 3: Hosted by Little Red Reviewer Chapters 7-9, 94 pages, 3/27/13
Part 4: Hosted by Dab of Darkness Chapters 10-end, 107 pages, 4/3/13

While you’re mulling over that, here’s this week’s discussion questions for Wee Free Men, my answers after the jump:

1.  Do you think Tiffany will be able to hold up her end of the bargain that she made with the Kelda?

2.Do you think Tiffany and Fion will ever be friends?

3. What do you think of the Queen’s world? How does this interpretation of Fairyland mesh with other interpretations you’ve run into in other books?

4. What do you think of Roland? Will he be a help to Tiffany or a hindrance?

5. I don’t know about you, but I do NOT want to run into a Drome!

1.  Do you think Tiffany will be able to hold up her end of the bargain that she made with the Kelda?

She sort of got out of the one part of it (much to Rob Anybody’s relief!), but that’s quite an agreement she made. How is she supposed to find someone to take her place when the time is right? How is she supposed to help the Wee Free Men when she barely knows anything about their culture or history? Do I think she’ll be able to hold up her end of it? Of course I do, I just have no clue how she’s going to do it!

2.Do you think Tiffany and Fion will ever be friends?

I want them to be friends, but I think Fion feels like this big girl came in and took her place, and if I was Fion I’d be pissed and bitter too. Fion could really be of great help to Tiffany, and there’s no reason they can’t work together. And is it just me, or does the name Fion sound really similar to the middle syllable of Tifanny’s name? Same root word? Or just coincidence?

3. What do you think of the Queen’s world? How does this interpretation of Fairyland mesh with other interpretations you’ve run into in other books?

I love it when “fairyland” isn’t a disney fairyland, isn’t all prettyness and pretty ladies with wings and party dresses and animals that talk and cheesyness and all that disney barf stuff. I love it when authors make fairlyland dark and dangerous, because fairies aren’t like us. In some post I did way back when about Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles, I said something like don’t ever think for one moment that the fae are anything like us. Where the witch lives, Pratchett’s fairyland, is the kind of scary terrible place I enjoy visiting in the pages of a book.

4. What do you think of Roland? Will he be a help to Tiffany or a hindrance?

He knows a lot  about the Queen and what she’s capable of, so that could be helpful to Tiffany. But Roland has been away from the real world for so long, I don’t think he quite remembers what it’s like to be a regular person. I’m interested to see how the relationship develops between Roland and Tiffany – not a romance or anything, it’s not that kind of story, but they can both learn from each other, you know?

5. I don’t know about you, but I do NOT want to run into a Drome!

ok, so that wasn’t really a question, but i have some mightily f*’ed up dreams, so no Dromes for me!  Although that is a brilliant creature! they’re definitely “bad guys”, but the Dromes are just doing what is in their nature, so can you really blame them for being scary sometimes?

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11 Responses to "Wee Free Men Read Along part 2!"

I agree about the Dromes – I have insane nightmarish dreams and I wouldn’t want to run straight into one the way Tiffany ran into hers – I’m usually trying to run in the opposite direction!
I definitely think Tiffany will hold her own. She’s not afraid to hold her own or take action.
Stupid question – but as, technically she did agree to marry Rob Anybody – even though it could be millions of years – in the meantime how is she going to get out of that?? Oh, I suppose when she finds a Kelda replacement – I said it was a stupid question!! I must confess that I never saw the Kelda as being the equivalent of a Queen Bee!
Lynn :D

not to be too morbid about it, but that event will take millions of years, and Tiffany’s lifespan is what, a hundred years? so i think she’ll be OK getting out of it in a natural way. That is, of course, provided no helpful Wee Free Men blast the mountain down to dust!

I’m afraid I still snigger shamelessly every time I think about how they would manage sexytimes . . . :D

I agree about Fairyland… I like it best when its dark, deadly and inhuman. About the Dromes, wouldn’t they give you your most happy dreams, to entice you to stay? In a way that would be even scarier, because I would definitely run from a nightmare, but I don’t know if I would be able to run from a dream that taps into things I truly want.

My answers are here!

yeah, but it would be one of those “I’m surrounded by truffles, this is too good be true!” kinds of dreams, where you know something is really, really wrong. and then you eat a delicious chocolate truffle, and with every bite you starve to death.

crap, now I’m gonna have a really happy dream tonight involving chocolate, and wake up all freaked out!

Surrounded by truffles? Now THAT would be near impossible for me to run away from. :)

It would be nice if Roland would assist Tiffany, instead of freaking out. However, it’s much more understandable that he is freaking out.

I too also like how Fairyland isn’t about the glamor and glitter. I like that we start off with danger straight off. There’s no pleasantries, handshakes, and then stabbing you with a dagger. Oh no, the dagger is the pleasantries.

On one hand I understand Fion being petty and pissed. On the other hand, she isn’t the kelda of that collection of Feegles, because they are all her brothers (+ an uncle). She was going to have to leave soon, whether or not her mom was around. So I would like to see her suck it up, put on her big girl panties, and give an assist to the current kelda Tiffany.

I think there is a good chance that all female Feegles are feisty and dominant: after all, they are all destined to be kelda, and are raised telling their brothers what to do. I do love the idea that the males need someone to think for them . . . that is such a nice reversal of traditional gender roles! :D

Sorry to be so late getting back . . . I swear someone is stealing hours from me whilst I sleep! :D

1. Tiffany is a sensible girl, so she’ll just ask someone politely what she has to do and how she might accomplish it: easy!

2. Somehow I imagine that Fion will be very hard to win over: I predict lots of sulking and whining from her.

3. Add the Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss to my TBR list: check!

4. If their relationship is anything like Keith and Malicia in The Amazing Maurice, they will have a rather anti-romantic relationship, where they are both revolted by the idea of the other having any romantic interest in them. As they are both pre-teens this seems like the most likely outcome . . . plus I don’t remember much Romance in Terry’s other works! :D

5. You make an interesting point about the Dromes not being evil, just doing their thing: I always find it interesting how we designate some predators as ‘evil’ (like sharks) and others as ‘good’ (like lions).

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