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Steampunk Bible, my first looks

Posted on: May 23, 2011

We picked up Jeff Vandermeer’s  The Steampunk Bible the other day, and while I haven’t had a ton of time to look through it, I’ve drooled over the photos and read a handful of the guest essays.


as you can see, It’s book pornalicious.



Cat Valente? After reading your essay, I love you even MORE! “parents, talk to your children about steampunk . . “
(more photos after the jump) .

It might look a little pricey, but chock full of color photos and artwork, and with  essays about the birth(s) of Steampunk, authors, artists, fashionistas, musicians, subgenres, movies, anime and more, The Steampunk Bible is a must have for fans of the genre.   Be warned though, once you pick this book up at the bookstore, it will come home with you! And you’ll lose track of time and dinner won’t get made and laundry won’t get done. Or wait, maybe that’s just me?




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8 Responses to "Steampunk Bible, my first looks"

I’m a steampunk virgin (I’ve read only ‘The Anubis Gates’ by Tim Powers and ‘Chasm City’ by Alastair Retnolds) but last week started to write my first story within the subgenre. I’m fascinated by the artwork.

I’ll keep an eye out for this, thanks

Steampunk is awesome, it really is. There is just so much about it to love and this book looks like it does a great job of capturing that feeling. I’ll be looking for this at BN next time I am in there.

And although I’m not sure I would classify Chasm City as steampunk (which matters not), I highly recommend the book. It is one of those books that proves that space opera still has a place in today’s science fiction landscape.

Man, this looks so awesome. I really love steampunk, so this book looks like it’s been made for me.
Great review! Thanks for the wonderful pictures (Howl’s Moving Castle!! *screams with joy*)

Procrastin8or – Anubis Gates is a classic, and one of my faves!

I was less than impressed with the one Reynolds I read, and I’ve been meaning to give him another shot, sounds like Chasm City is the way to go!

Carl – you will LOVE this. When buying hardbacks at brand new prices, sometimes I worry about sticker shock or buyers remorse. NOT THIS TIME!

nlmars – I know, right? there were also some blurbs on Castle in the Sky too, and some other sweet looking Japanese stuff that I’ve never even heard of. Howl’s Moving Castle is my favorite Miyazaki!

I see from your list you have only read “Revelation Space”. That series is very good, but heavy going. May I humbly recommend both Chasm City and Century Rain?

Wow, that’s niiiiiice. Going on my wish list :D

I just got mine last week but haven’t had time to read it yet. I know what I’ll be doing this 3 day weekend!


[...] same time I had an idea for my first steampunk story, fellow wordpress blogger Little Red Reviewer posted this review of “The Steampunk Bible”. On that recommendation I have since purchased the book for research [...]

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